Water Supply System of Stepanakert

Stepanakert’s water supply system, inlayed in the 1930s, has long ceased to meet the needs of the city with a population of 50,000. The majority of residents have running water for 2 hours every other day. In rainy weather water gets turbid, in winter pipes freeze, in summer, when rivers becomes shallow, the city is left without water.

The city authorities promise that by summer residents will have running water every day for 6 hours, and round-the-clock supply- sometime in the future.

During the war (1991-94) subversive acts were one the means of putting pressure on Stepanakert. All water sources (river heads) were located near Azeri villages. Or, rather those villages were built near the sources. Before Shushi was reclaimed by the Armenians, the Gaybalin filtering station was blown up three times. People were forced to carry water from springs under the hail of shells and bullets.

“We would reuse the same water 3 times. First we bathed our children, then made the laundry in that water, then washed the floors with it. Later the situation improved, but I am dreaming of a day, when I don’t have to run home from work at 6 p.m. because it’s a ‘water day’,” says a resident of Stepanakert Anna Avagyan.


Builders are working in Mukuch Arzanyan street today in Stepanakert.


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