The Armenian power could try closing YouTube like Azeris and Turks

YouTube can become an instrument of democratic reforms or democratic revolution in Armenia. Just a couple of videos on the site and the Armenian regime will lose ground. A couple of video clips have already succeeded in silencing some ignorant broadcasters, shake the seemingly indestructible army and the school – reports.

Usually everything takes place in Armenia, the same is repeated here in Karabakh. I am sure if Youtube will closed in Armenia one hour after the they will close in Karabakh. Although, we do not have high speed Internet for online video, but local Internet provider Karabakh Telecom promised new tariff and high speed this November (the second Internet provider in Karabakh is Arminco).

Anyway, I’m against restrictions on the Internet .

Translated from Armenian

P.S. Hraparak daily writes that YouTube website is blocked at the National Assembly. Heritage faction told the daily that they will try getting clarification in connection with this fact. Despite the fact that each deputy has a computer in the newly-built National Assembly hall, they do not have internet.

Recall, sensational videos have recently been posted on YouTube, in particular the one which showed the U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden saying that Serge Sargsyan had called him and asked not to recognize the genocide.


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