A Tree has been Cut

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
Mr. Nick Wagner lives in Stepanakert with four-pictures in his hand came to the Stepanakert Press Club office where I work, and shared his sadness. A tree has been cut to build a cafe in its place!
In the first picture, there was that area shot in May 2008, shows the tree very beautiful and green. In the second, the lower branches of the tree were cut (the Mayor’s Office said that it’s OK because new and more lush branches will grow, and in the third and the fourth pictures,  the tree was decapitated … Mr. Wagner said, ”This is genocide!”
He asked me to accompany him as a translator to the office of Vazgen Mikaelyan, the Mayor of Stepanakert. We went last week and learned from the deputy mayor that the Mayor Mikaelyan was very busy with the planning for the anniversary of the founding day of the City and promised to organize a meeting with the Mayor next week.
However, Mr. Wagner after indicating he would look forward to the call, left  the photos and a list of seven organizations, mainly environmental, for the Mayor. These organizations have received the photos and a brief statement regarding the desecration and destruction of this beautiful weeping willow tree. His list had the following title: “A tree is not a hindrance; it is a treasure”.
The first photo is of the weeping willow tree with a beautiful sculpture under it entitled “An Old Blessing,” created by Mr. Yura Samvelyan, a Yerevan sculptor for the 1997 sculptural symposium held in Stepanakert. Mr. Samvelyan requested that his creation be placed under the tree because, according to Mr. Samvelyan, it needed to sit in a garden setting where the toastmaster, a grandpa, is toasting his grand daughter, perhaps on her birthday: “The pain, suffering, tears, and sorrow I have experienced in my life I do not wish for You! The sculpture now sits alone at the sidewalk! Mr. Samvelyan probably is grieving for the tree, his grand daughter, and his creation.
I know that this type of desecration and destruction is quite common in Yerevan. And I have friends, who are actively fighting to keep Yerevan green.
The residents of Stepanakert love to repeat often that their City is a green and clean city. Why, though, do we allow destruction of this nature?
The residents of the neighborhood (Lousavorich & Toumanyan Streets) wonder why the Artsakh environmental organizations haven’t responded. They think that if those who protect nature say senseless statements, when it seems they practically do nothing …

P. S. Mr. Nick’s reaction was very exemplary for me.

Translated from Armenian


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