Airport being built in Stepanakert

The last plane, I remember in Karabakh sky, was Azerbaijan’s air force that was bombed Stepanakert: No, recently our Armenian military air force made a flight test, however, it’s unusual that living in Stepanakert you can see a plane in the sky.
But let’s forget the bitter past. Stepanakert (Karabakh Republic’s Capital) airport to build, which is likely to start operating in November this year: The airport will be serving the CRJ200 aircraft types.

Even it’s unbelievable, that will go to Yerevan 5-6 hours by car instead of the road, we fly only 30 minutes, but more far-fly is a desire!!!

Stepanakert airport building. Photo: “AA


4 thoughts on “Airport being built in Stepanakert

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